Kasia Uminska

Born in 1983 in Warsaw, Poland, Kasia Uminska obtained a degree in Art History in Poland and graduated with a Master in Advanced Studies in Art History at the University of Barcelona. Although she has been drawing and painting since childhood, she decided to dedicate herself professionally and exclusively to artistic practice quite recently, in 2018, after some years of learning directly from renowned contemporary artists. In her works she uses graphite and charcoal as a main medium. She pursues figurative realism with an emphasis on the quality of the technique and attention to the details. However, this realistic representation is refracted in a singular way through the imagination and symbology. There is a clear pretension to create images that are, at the same time, a realistic representation and a fantastic creation, a simulacrum, an illusion.
"I think the artist's imagination fills his works with creativity and turns them into unique and mysterious creations, into a visual narrative poem."
Currently, Kasia Uminska lives and works in Ibiza, Spain.

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