"Alchemy of Her" bebut exhibition

 15th-25th of August 2020 at Atzaró Hotel Ibiza

This project is about bringing international Ibiza based female artists from different mediums 

of creative expression together, in a form of curated collective exhibitions, events and digital space.

“Alchemy of her” is a female art collective, focusing on the experience of the 

art process and its voice from women who work on the island as a field of inspiration.

Bringing artists from different mediums together and providing an opportunity for Ibiza public 

to open the artistic panorama and for the world wide public to look into the "island image".

Visual Artists

Nora Bullerjahn
Sayana Cairo
Annelies Damen
Florina David
Malou Ericsson
Mischa Fulljames
Rita Hraiz
Joanna Hruby
Jelena Jox
Simona Marziani
Lina Persson
Li Ramet
Annalisa Rinaldi
Helen Sadler
Isa Sanz
Clarissa Sofia
Marie Su Loher
Roseline de Thelin
Kasia Uminska 

Performances artists

Rocío Fernández Fraile
Joanna Hruby
Claudia Reig Martin
Natalia López Santa Cruz
Lila Távata 


Santoshi Amor
Susie Pearl
Sofia Sundari
Roselin de Thelin 


Mary Bland
Maria Giulia
Abby Poem

Events Program of "Alchemy of Her" 

current exhibiton showing 15th -25th August 2020 Atzaro hotel Ibiza

"Art is the higuest form of hope" 

Gerhard Richter

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