Meet partners in art, on a creative mission together, creating and curating an art collective of Ibiza female artists.
Creating a meaningful dialogue between different creative expressions of art to form collaboration and a creative community. We feel the need to connect and grow as a collective especially in this moment in time.

Melisa Ramet 

Is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Ibiza.  Her work combines painting, drawing, collage, photography, performance, video, and installation.

Ramet’s  work focuses on luminosity, strength and the movement of colour. Her inspiration is drawn from nature; alongside with research-meditation on the abstract field of sensuality, feminine inner body and the study of the flow of water; as a reflection of a state of being, exploring the concept of emptiness through light and colour.

Highly imaginative, she creates various artistic projects and often collaborates with other artists and curators


Marie Su Loher

 A mindful creative woman, artist,designer, entrepreneur and a mother.

Coming from international background in art and fashion in cities like Tel Aviv, Paris and London. Now living and working in Ibiza with her family since few years.

From having the experience working in the art industry and fashion over a decade she is now set to follow her own visions and creative projects in Ibiza, collaborating with like minded creatives to manifest the artist collective platform connecting and representing contemporary feminine spirit on the island. 


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