Simona Marziani

  I portray human beings. I approach the canvas with a mixed texture madewith gesso, pigments, marble powder, collage, fabrics, etc. I like to have anarticulate base on which to begin the gure with oil paint. This allows me tohave dierent transparent layers, where the realistic outline gets confusedand more abstract. Recently I have started to add a special resin to create adeeper, three-dimensional eect, especially in my “mandala” series. I havebeen inspired by my many journeys, and use photographic material, mixedwith an unconscious dream world and my spiritual practices. Having grownup in Italy and studied classic art, I nd it easy to connect to middle age andrenaissance iconography, mixed with Asiatic symbols and concepts. My workcan be descriptive and decorative, searching for harmony and a kind ofpeaceful beauty. I was born in Milan and specialized in Illustration where Iworked several years in edition and advertising, my desire to paint in a largerscale brought me to collaborate with other artists on murals and trompel’oeil, and travel a lot. Was in 1995 where I began to focus on my personalcreative process, and approach oil painting. This bring me to have solo andgroup shows, and in 1997 I moved to Ibiza. A long collab  

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