Roseline de Thélin

“Ad vitam Eternam: Timescapes of Eternity”
Bewitched by the mystery of light traveling from the far end of the universe carrying information from other worlds, the phenomenon of light and its close relationship to time emerged as a continuous thread in my artistic inquiry since many years. Inspired by the mysteries of the universe, subtle and parallel realities, archetypes and the collective unconscious, the interplay of light and shadow, I keep exploring bridges between art, imagination, science, philosophy, perceptions and the evolution of consciousness. Artistic wonder is my guide. I believe wonder is the source of evolution and innovation. I am an artist explorer led by curiosity to experiment with a myriad of artistic media. From painting to sculpture, from hands-on to digital, from visual art to performance, I combine materials such as light, mirrors, quartz crystals, painting, collage, found and ritualistic objects, photography and video to create art that reflects my inner and outer search. For my next show “Ad vitam Eternam: Timescapes of Eternity” I am creating a body of work that poetically explores our perceptions of time as we inevitably move towards eternity. Combining hands-on and digital media in a series of mix-media pieces I am invoking the 3 gods of time … Chronos: the clock time that has led us humans to evolve from the earth time of prehistoric shamans to the digital time of trans-humans and cyborgs in an eternal search for immortality. Kairos: the right time or dream-time in which we experience perfect synchronicity and the timelessness of pure creation. Aion: the infinite time of the universe that opens a door into the everlasting eternity of the cosmos … Roseline is known for her innovative light sculptures and installations which combine light sculpting and 3D modelling with fibre optic - symbol of the endless possibilities carried by photons. Roseline’s work plays with illusion and perceptions using a diversity of digital and hands-on media and has been exhibited internationally. Roseline is also a teacher, mentor and art therapist, guiding individuals towards the most creative version of themselves. She uses artistic expression to foster conscious creativity, self-discovery, personal healing, expansion of self, change and innovation. She is based in Spanish island of Ibiza since many years.

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