Annalisa Rinaldi

The best way to see me is through my art.
Art has been and continues to be the wind that powers my journey through life.
It is an absolute force I move with.
Am a Nutritionist and Private Chef as well as Painter, basically my hands are in the doing constantly.
Art It’s the invisible line in between every thing I do in my life, the way I move about my day… I’m living my Art, I’m dancing my Art, I am cooking Art.
Why do I paint? I give form to feelings.
Each piece a story thread of my life and the lives of others who touch me, our inner worlds made visible.
The body and its movement become an instrument conducting forms, shapes and expressions created on the canvas.
My inspiration mainly comes from the deep observation of my inner self,
the emotional ripple effect, the movement of the waves inside of me and how do they affect me.
I paint the moment, the transition of the moment,
the overcoming of it, the story of the emotions.
More inspiration comes from the observation of nature
the constance changes of colors during the seasons,
the light and absence of it. 

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