Ibiza’s feminine artist collective

This project is about bringing international Ibiza based female artists from different mediums of creative expression together, in a form of curated collective exhibitions, events and digital space.

“Alchemy of her” is a female art collective, focusing on the experience of the art process and its voice from women who work on the island as a field of inspiration.

Bringing artists from different mediums together and providing an opportunity for Ibiza public to open the artistic panorama and for the world wide public to look into the "island image".

The collective founders Melisa and Marie are both creative women, artists and entrepreneurs with passion for art and the feminine essence, inspired by the island and beyond.

“We initiate this collective platform to curate and collaborate with contemporary female artists, creating a community with meaningful dialogue, through unique ways of organizing thematic group exhibitions presented online and in physical spaces.”

The exhibition invites female artists from all ages and mediums that work and live on the island to submit their recentand core work they would love to be seen. It will be then considered  for the show: depending on size, space,artistically, aesthetically and of its meaning.

All mediums are welcome like photography, painting, sculpture, pottery, video installation, performance, poetry and more.

Please see the detailed information about the theme Esencia de Mujer

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