Sayana Cairo

 Sayana Cairo, raised between India and Ibiza, discovered her love for art at a young age when playing around with an old analog camera. She quickly started photographing women and men nude, what she considers to be their most vulnerable state. Fascinated with everyones unique body, Cairo explored the world of analog photography, using old beat-up 35mm cameras and her beloved Rolleiflex. After carrying around analog cameras everywhere she went and documenting everything around for years, as well as conducting her own personal projects exploring the human body, Cairo decided to study photography in New York where she acquired a Bachelors in Photography at the New York Film Academy. When Cairo returned to her home, Ibiza, she started working for White Ibiza where she quickly mastered her digital camera while shooting beautiful interiors and portraits all over the island. During her off-season time in winter, Cairo started working on personal, artistic projects discovering her love for the human form once again. This time her eye is in the details, focusing completely on the unique textures and shapes of each person she photographs, looking at each body in an abstract, neutral way. ´Piel Afuera´ is a collaboration between amazing poet Julio Herranz and photographer Sayana Cairo, where together they play with the uniqueness of the human form with abstract images and beautiful poems presented side-by-side. It is a project yet to be shown to the world, it will be fully presented in 2021. 

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