Nora Bullerjahn

Born in Hamburg to two globetrotter parents, Nora Bullerjahn has called many places and cultures her home and naturally, this has become the main subject of her art. Between the colours and clashes of Indian culture and the cold and correct ways of her Hanseatic origins, her family's travels have provided her with a field of tension which she has been exploring ever since her first creative experiments. Having spent her adolescence between Ibiza and the United States she finally studied Fine Arts at Massana School of Art in Barcelona where her early collage works evolved into large scale oil paintings, always researching ways to reconcile differences and suspend binaries.

Later moving to Brazil with a baby on her arm, her possibilities of painting were restrained, but she always had one hand free for a camera, which allowed her to reframe her art as well as her surroundings. The frame of images played an important role in her earlier collage and painting works and photography allowed her to further expand on that notion in another medium.

After returning to Ibiza, the island which harbours her family and she thus calls home, she expanded the frame on her own activities and concentrated on styling and interior design; and created the project of Las Cicadas, a 600-year old Ibicencan farmhouse turned boutique villa. Once this project was settled and her daughter walked by herself, she returned to the studio and created her new 'Sacred’ Series, a reflection on the sacred feeling of Ibiza and the visual culture of its spirituality. 

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